Selling a home is more than just the sale of a property. Typically, the process is accompanied by many emotions and the last one you want is the worry of making the wrong decision along the way. Below is a brief checklist of what to expect when selling your home.

The Decision

First, speak with a local expert that can help uncover your motivations for selling and establish a timeline and a marketing plan. Together, we can see how your home compares with others on the market.

The Evaluation

We’ll assess your home’s worth to determine its market value, taking into consideration such variables as features, size, location, market demand, and recent comparable sales. We’ll then determine a competitive listing price that will attract qualified buyers and drive maximum interest to your property.

The Agreement

It’s key to feel confident about your plan to sell your home. A listing agreement will cover the basic terms of our commitment including the length of time the home will be listed. We’ll also discuss our selling strategy and what you can expect next as we move further into the process.

The Presentation

Selling is all about curb appeal so highlighting your home inside and out before putting it on the market is key. Together, we’ll organize improvements, minor upgrades, staging, photography, and video that give buyers a reason to love your home.

The Plan

A unique home needs a unique, personalized marketing plan to set it apart from others on the market. I combine the latest technology and various traditional and digital marketing strategies with proven techniques to give your home optimum exposure.

The Negotiation

I’m here to leverage every negotiation tool possible to help you get the best deal possible. We’ll leverage my experience and expertise to coach you through terms, contingencies, and buyer’s financing.

The Celebration

During these final steps, I will be engaging with the buyer’s agent and lending institutions to ensure all requirements are met, inspections are performed, financing is approved on time, and all the necessary disclosure documents are provided. Then, we sign on the dotted line, and congratulations, you’ve just sold your home!

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